Best Dance Band Options For Corporate Events

Whip it with a mega dance band option to keep your rookie team busy when the training is done. You don’t want them sitting at the bar drinking up the profits, but rather on the dance floor meeting, greeting, and having a great time! When your best dance band features the Electric Slide, you might […]

Key Qualities That The Best Dance Schools Should Have

Dancing is one of the extracurricular activities and forms of performing arts that kids should get involved in. Dancing is a healthy and fun way of exercising. With this activity, they get to socialize with other children that share their interest and passion. Aside from learning and acquiring new skills, kids can also gain some […]

How To Dance Gracefully

If you have already started taking dance classes (most likely ballet, jazz, or salsa), you may be concerned about how to dance with more grace. Perhaps you are having a hard time dancing like the other dancers in your dance class and you are concerned about being as graceful as they are. Here are a […]

Dance: The Beautiful Art

It is natural to want to dance and move whenever we hear music. With the drum beat of a military march, we want to march in time; the smooth circles of a waltz have the power to make us feel like twirling forever; and a lullaby makes us lilt our bodies into sleep. Dance is […]

Profitable Ideas for Belly Dance Studio

After taking classes from other instructors, it is decided that the next step in your personal advancement is to become an instructor and start a belly dancing business. The operation of a belly dance studio requires daily attention to students needs and desires. In the beginning are the owner’s ideas of making money learned from […]

Dance Classes Improve Test Scores and More

At the tail end of spring every year, my daughter’s school spends a week rehearsing, dancing and performing for their World Dance Festival. Frankly, I wish that dance was a part of their curriculum all year long, because aside from the obvious physical benefits, it has been shown that students who are dancers are not […]

Belly Dance Burnout

Much thought has gone into this article regarding belly dance burn out. For most dancers who are just starting out working in restaurants and nightclubs, it is hard to fathom ever getting to a point where you find yourself sitting on the side of the bed trying to talk yourself into getting ready for another […]

Chicken Noodle Soup Dance

Ever so often a cultural force grabs America by the neck and does not let go. The chicken noodle soup dance and song could be the next silent assassin in the night, waiting to take the spot. As its popularity grows, chicken noodle soup could become the next big thing on America’s pop culture landscape. […]