How Do Ballerinas Dance on Their Toes?

Have you ever gazed in wonder at the seemingly effortless way a delicate ballerina glides across the stage dancing only on her toes? We sit transfixed questioning how it is possible to support your entire body weight on only the tips of your toes? The “secret” to the way a ballerina dances is partly in […]

The Different Type of Advantages for Using Dance Shoes

Benefits of Dance Footwear Do you know the benefits of getting dance footwear? There are a number of advantages when buying specialized dance shoes compared to regular footwear or perhaps a couple of old running sneakers tucked somewhere in the bottom of your closet. To begin with, the composition in the sole is vital. In […]

Learn to Dance For a Big Fat Greek Wedding

If you’ve seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, then you know that Greek folk dancing is a blast! From the outside, it probably looks a little complicated. There are many different Greek folk dances that are set to particular types of music. A few Greek dances might be too difficult to jump right into, but […]

Studio Owner Job Description – Belly Dance

Many people enjoy belly dancing lessons and taking part in performances. After gaining experiences in teaching and performing, you feel that you are qualified to open a business. Do you want to open a studio in a home environment or do you want to lease a commercial location? There are many excellent reasons to teach […]

How Did Elvis Presley Influence Dancing?

Elvis Presley is well known as the King of Roll and Roll, but this man had an influence in the areas of movies and dancing as well. If you aren’t aware of his influence over dancing then you definitely need to keep on reading. It is hard to imagine that when Elvis first was on […]

TAP DANCE – The Jewel In The Crown

Dance and music can be two different things, but they go hand in hand when it comes to dance, or more precisely Tap Dance. Tap dance is a different form where you foot it with your musical shoes on. Wait, don’t mistake them to be those shoes that make squeaky noise when little kids walk. […]

Dresses for Different Kinds of Latin Dance

Latin dance is known for rhythm and self-expression. The Latin dances have been influenced by three major cultural spheres; African style, upper-class European style, & the native style. The significant thing about this genre of dance is its wealthy cultural history carried in each dance. There is no doubt that the Latin dance has modified […]

Belly Dance for Weight Loss and Fitness

During the 1950s belly dancing was introduced and marketed as entertainment for your husband. Today it is seen as a dance art form of ancient beginnings which contributes to women as an outlet for both exercise and dance. As women take classes to learn this beautiful dance art they discover along the way its effectiveness […]

Ballroom Dancing – The International Standards

Ballroom Dancing describes partner dances, performed socially or competitively, with prescribed specific movements. It evokes a sense of mystique and elegance if performed socially and of energy and passion when performed competitively. The word “ball” in Ballroom Dancing comes from not the child’s toy but from the Latin word “ballare” meaning to dance. It forms […]