The History of Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing is when a couple performs any of the various social dances that follow a pattern of predictable steps. Examples of these dances are the tango, waltz, fox trot and quick step. It has an immensely amplified popularity spreading across Europe, the Americas and Asia. Ballroom dancing has had a relatively short but interesting […]

Jazz Shoes and Dance Sneakers – The Differences

Both jazz shoes and dance sneakers are highly versatile styles of dance shoe though they each serve a different purpose. Jazz shoes are designed primarily for jazz dancing though they are suitable for many other styles such as rock ‘n’ roll and modern amongst others. Dance sneakers are also very flexible but are designed to […]

Is Partner Dance Sexist?

Introduction This article is the summary of research that was prompted after I participated in an online discussion about partner dance being sexist. The obvious issue that was raised was that of men leading and women following. The main thrust of the argument was that roles are allocated to one based on one’s sex. The […]

Modern Dance Vs Classical Ballet

Have you ever stopped to think about why different forms of dance developed? For instance, how did modern dance become so popular? That question has an interesting answer: (1) this type of dance came into existence because some dancers were tired of the strictness of ballet, (2) they wanted freedom to create unique and new […]

How to Isolate for Better Dance

Do you need to work on isolation? For many, isolation can be a real challenge. We need to make the top part of our body do one thing while the bottom part does something different. And that’s just the beginning. As dance progresses you will find that you will need to then have parts of […]

How Do Ballerinas Dance on Their Toes?

Have you ever gazed in wonder at the seemingly effortless way a delicate ballerina glides across the stage dancing only on her toes? We sit transfixed questioning how it is possible to support your entire body weight on only the tips of your toes? The “secret” to the way a ballerina dances is partly in […]

The Different Type of Advantages for Using Dance Shoes

Benefits of Dance Footwear Do you know the benefits of getting dance footwear? There are a number of advantages when buying specialized dance shoes compared to regular footwear or perhaps a couple of old running sneakers tucked somewhere in the bottom of your closet. To begin with, the composition in the sole is vital. In […]

Learn to Dance For a Big Fat Greek Wedding

If you’ve seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, then you know that Greek folk dancing is a blast! From the outside, it probably looks a little complicated. There are many different Greek folk dances that are set to particular types of music. A few Greek dances might be too difficult to jump right into, but […]