Debunking Common Myths About Tango Dance Lessons

Maybe you want to learn how to dance. Maybe it’s something that will bring you and your partner closer together. It’s no surprise people are attracted to tango, given its reputation as a cultured-yet-exciting dance. However, tango dance lessons are not simple, and you will need to be discerning when picking the right instructor. Keep an eye out for the following myths:

“Any Dancer Can Teach”

Probably the most common myth is that anyone can teach you how to do the tango. While it is possible for anyone to learn the moves, not everyone can teach. You have to understand how to move and how to communicate specific physical actions to novices in order to effectively teach others how to perform the movements. Not everyone has that talent.

A good teacher starts as an exceptional dancer. If you do not respect that person on the floor, then you do not want to enlist that person as an instructor. At best, you risk wasting your time or, at worst, you risk learning incorrect steps.

Watch potential teachers perform the movements. Women should look elegant and graceful. You want to take tango dance lessons from these women. Men who have a soft yet firm embrace, guiding their partner through the next step are also candidates to study under. You want to avoid women with clunky moves or men who jerk you around from step to step.

“You Can Take Tango Dance Lessons from Online Sources”

Another commonly debunked myth is learning online with no real instructor. Yes, if you have taken instruction in the past, these sources can be a great way to remember what you had learned. Sadly, they do not give you feedback during your instruction, which is a crucial component of learning a physical activity.

Other details get left out of online videos. Things like weight changes and feet and torso changes are commonly omitted. These lessons only teach you how to do the steps, but cannot convey how to properly execute them with elegance and control. Even if you practice the movements you learned in the video, you will still retain many inconsistencies that could be hard to unlearn later.

“You Can Learn by Being Led”

With some dances, you can simply follow your instructor’s movements to learn the proper steps. With the tango, however, you have to communicate with your partner. It is not just about leading and following. It is about elegance and freedom.

Your instructor will tell you how to embrace your partner and how to move with them. They will take the time and effort to explain how to walk elegantly while allowing your legs the freedom they need to respond in kind. Learning goes beyond just following the leader.

“If You’ve Taken Months of Classes You Don’t Need to Take More”

Just like any other dance, learning to tango is an ongoing process that, when embraced, will never stop offering enjoyment. The longer you stick with it, the more you will be surprised at your new ability to control your movements, as well as at the changes to your body.